Measuring Counseling Competencies

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On this website you will learn about The Complete Counseling Competencies Assessment System, a state-of-the-art system designed to dramatically reduce the cost of meeting the 2009 CACREP accreditation standards, which require measuring student learning on competency-based standards.

Brief System Overview

Assessment systems are available for two counseling specialties:

-Clinical Mental Health Counseling

-Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling

Each system contains a total of 50 documents, including:

-8 Assessment Assignments that measure student competence (including digital versions of clinical forms).

1. Case conceptualization
2. Clinical assessment
3. Treatment plan
4. Progress note
5. Live interview
6. Live interview evaluation
7. Research project
8. Professional development plan

-8 Detailed Scoring Rubrics that are correlated with the 2009 competency-based standards for each specialty (including Excel versions that allow data to be easily imported into an existing database)

-Step-by-step instruction manual to guide faculty in customizing and designing their assessment program.

-Quick start guide

System Features

Substantial Cost Savings
The Complete Counseling Competencies Assessment System saves programs an average of $8,000-$10,000, the typical amount needed to create an assessment program from the ground up. This cost savings is invaluable for maintaining accreditation during unprecedented times of financial challenge.

Time Savings
Rather than requiring 400 hours or more, programs using this system generally spend 30-40 hours designing and implementing their accreditation assessment program, enabling programs to quickly get their assessment program up and running in as little as one semester (although most take two semesters).

The Complete Counseling Competencies Assessment System uses state-of-the-art assessment techniques based on learning-centered, outcome-based teaching methods, promoting efficient and effective teaching practices.

All assessment components are completely customizable. Programs can revise scoring criteria as desired, and competencies can be added to reflect unique program missions, such as a religious or diversity emphasis.

Digital Data Collection
Programs can opt to use fully automated Excel data sheets for scoring. These sheets simplify the collection and aggregation of data, the most demanding aspect of the new accreditation requirements.

The assessment assignments and rubrics have been in development for over ten years, ensuring feasibility.

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